Background Information

John Perrott trained in remedial massage and manipulative therapy at the Oxford School of Osteopathy. He went on to complete an honours degree with his dissertation on treatments for the painful shoulder. He studied acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and specialised in helping women who struggled with fertility.

He sees many sports injuries from hockey, cycling, football, cricket, running, rugby, horse riding, basketball, canoeing and kayaking, rock climbing, skate boarding, hip hop dancing, ice hockey and skating, martial arts, skiing, snow boarding to name a few. Many people come with labels and pessimistic opinions from experts. Often they respond well to gentle manipulation, massage and acupuncture.

Call 01908 502015 / 503274 or E mail: for an appointment.

Our standard session costs £50 for approximately 45 minutes. Shorter or longer sessions can be arranged.

If you have a need for ultrasound, laser therapy or injuries that benefit from shorter sessions we charge accordingly.

Acupuncture, laser therapy, ultrasound, nutrition advice, yoga or pilates based stretches and exercises are included at no extra cost. All treatments depend on your consent at the time.

Gait Analysis and orthotics
You might already have orthotics (or orthoses) that feel hard inside your shoes. They are designed to help you in standing but are not helpful for walking or running. I will assess your standing and walking posture if needed. Foot massage and mobilising the bones and ligaments frees your feet to function properly. Often people tell me they have a leg length difference. Your femurs or leg bones hang from the hip sockets in the pelvic bones. The pelvic bones are moveable so it is impossible to accurately measure the leg lengths accurately. By some quick muscles energy techniques we can often correct the apparent leg length difference and improve your stability and posture. Try standing with your feet parallel rather than shifting your weight onto one leg. It levels your pelvis.

Our Premises
The clinic is based in a private house with a waiting area in the hallway. You are welcome to bring someone with you, or children by agreement.

You will be examined and treated in your underwear unless you ask otherwise. A gown is available if you wish, although we use towels to cover areas that we are not treating. On your first visit you will be asked to sign a form giving written consent for an appropriate hands on physical examination and treatment.

We will explain to you what we intend to do as we go along. You can tell us at any time if you feel pain, discomfort or embarrassment.